Yara Somma Papercut artist

Hi there,

Welcome to my world of paper, where I create positive, personalised and intricate artworks from single sheets of paper.

I am a graphic designer with many years of experience in the fashion industry. On the side, I have always played with paper and collected quotes. It all came together about seven years ago when I was designing my wedding invitation, which was my first paper cut. This sparked off my passion and I began making paper cuts as gifts for family and friends and their friends. I love the simplicity of making intricate artworks from just a single sheet of paper and nothing else.  

Two babies later, I decided to give myself some time to try and do something that mattered to me and utilised my skills (in between raising my gorgeous kids). So, this is my passion project... Paper Kites Studio is focused on personalised and positive paper cut art. My pieces are all created out of paper cuts with one continuous line flowing throughout the artwork. I want my sheets of paper to serve a purpose, a meaning, support a positive emotion, become something valuable, cherished and remembered. That is asking a lot and sometimes, they just look pretty, but that’s the ideal!

I run Paper Kites Studio from my home in London. Each item is cut, framed and wrapped with a lot of care. I can't wait for you to enjoy my pieces in your home! If you have any questions at all or require any further information please drop me a message. Thank you so much for stopping by, it really means a lot.