Bespoke Literature Paper Cut

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This bespoke option is available to personalize as you please. It is designed to be completely unique to your needs. Whether you're about to celebrate a wedding or a birthday, or maybe you're looking for a unique piece to commemorate a special person or memory, the option is yours. 

The example here is of a previous commission. The customer wanted to celebrate her parents and all the small things that made their relationship so special. For this reason we added one single rose, a few tulips, the ivy plant and few other details. She wanted to use the words from Song Of Solomon specificaly the chapter where they reveal that they are fiercely in love with one another. But you can decide to use a poem, wedding vows, words from your religious book, a poem, a song etc. 

If this sparks up any ideas, or if you have anything particular in mind... please get in touch and we can discuss possible designs.

All designs are cut out from an A4 sheet of pearlescent paper and frame in a unique frame that creates a hover effect and allows interesting shadows to be cast against your choice of background colour.

Please get in touch about your order before placing it.