Birthday Animal Conversation Card

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This keepsake paper-cut Birthday card has been designed with a light-hearted personable touch. This card comes personalised, there are five animals available to choose from, a zebra, a giraffe, a tiger, a hippopotamus and an elephant. The card can say anything you like, but best to keep it short and snappy.

The card has been handmade and comes blank on the inside ready for your messages to fill it. The design is cut out of white pearlescent paper so it has a nice sheen to it. It is attached to a thick luxury card, other colour options are also available. I place spacers between the design and the card so you get a really nice shadow through the paper cut.

Please include your choice of 3 animals and their conversation in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section at checkout.

- Measures 10cm x 21cm (roughly)
- Postage Category: Small parcel
- Handmade in the UK
- Free UK delivery
- 7 colours available
- Comes in a recycled white envelope (to be more eco friendly, it's my contribution to less waste)

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