DIY Paper Cut Art Crafting Kit

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This DIY crafting kit allows you to complete the papercutting process yourself to reveal some thoughtfully designed positive pieces of art. The idea is to pop out the unwanted areas of the design, leaving you with 6 pieces of paper cut art to get creative with. You can turn them into greeting cards and send them to your loved ones or frame them and hang them on your walls. The kit makes a great gift, whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, or a thank you gesture. It's a nice way to get creative and have something positive and empowering as a result.

This pack is perfect for anyone above the age of 5. It's a great activity to do alongside a parent or for a slightly older child to do alone. You can do it all at once or break it up across different days. The important thing is that you get creative and have fun with it.

This pack includes 6 papercuts to reveal:
- Wild & Free
- Keep Going
- Oh, yes I can
- Dream
- Love
- Kind

PLUS: A bonus Rainbow design for launch week!

- 3 envelopes for your cards
- A ‘poker’ to help you with the fiddly bits (young children should be careful when using this)
- Tissue paper to get your creativity flowing
- Ideas of what you can do with your papercut art