The Hummingbird Framed Paper Cut

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The Hummingbird, a tiny, agile, and unique bird. This piece of paper art honours these incredible fliers. The artwork comes framed against your choice of background ready to hang on your walls or to gift to someone special.

If a hummingbird makes themselves known to you, pay attention. Seeing a hummingbird in person, in a dream, in art, or in the media is an experience worth remembering. Hummingbirds are always positive symbols and good omens. They are a reminder that life is not about waiting for that perfect moment. Instead of focusing on resisting challenges, be like the hummingbird and think how you can handle them with grace and agility, seize the moment.

Process: The design is cut out of white pearlescent paper, displayed against your choice of coloured card, and presented in a 15x15 shadow frame.

The Hummingbird wall art is 1/4 of the 'Feathered Friends' collection. Also available are the Blue Tits birds, the Sparrow, and the Hummingbird. We have a special offer running if you purchase these as a pair or a full set.

If you would like to order more than one piece please add the your chosen feathered friend in addition information at checkout.