The Sparrow Framed Paper Cut

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This paper cut design is an observational sketch of the friendly little garden bird, the Sparrow, as he's sat amongst the beautiful Cosmos flower.

The cosmos flower has a tranquil presence, it is said to symbolize order and harmony. The Sparrow is believed to represent joy, community, protection, simplicity, hard work and self worth.

There are many stories about the sparrow, one of my favourites is that the Sparrow was the sacred bird of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and symbolised true love and spiritual connection (contrary to this sparrows are regarded as one of the most lustful and sexually active birds in the wild).

Process: The design is cut out of white pearlescent paper, displayed against your choice of coloured card, and presented in a 15x15 shadow frame.

This piece is 1/4 of the 'Feathered Friends' collection. Also available are the Blue Tits birds, the Robin, and the Hummingbird. We have a special offer running if you purchase these as a pair or a full set.

If you would like to order more than one piece please add the your chosen feathered friend in addition information at checkout.